Coral Cay Adventure Golf

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by chefcat on October 13, 2003

The first thing you notice at Coral Cay is how friendly the owner is. On the night we visited, he anticipated that we'd want to take advantage of the $1 second round, and as we had arrived at 9pm, he told us that he was closing an hour early, but that he would honor his second round for a dollar promise by giving us vouchers to use at a later date. He did so and we redeemed them the next evening.

When you first enter, there is a practice hole. A sign nearby points to one course, saying "EASY" and toward the other with the designation "HARD."

Since we had two macho men with us, of course we had to do the "hard" course. After a few holes, we were wondering aloud what the "easy" course would be like, since this didn't seem to be much of a challenge.

However, this assessment changed after the first few holes. There were complicated, yet invisible directing slants right at the holes. Banking a shot where one might think could result in vastly different results from those anticipated. A couple of multi-tiered holes and ones with direct rock obstacles made this an apt challenge.

Both courses were landscaped and kept meticulously clean. This bespoke the management's solicitous attitude, but made it impossible to blame that missed shot on "the leaves all over the green."

There are many "water hazards", ranging from mini-ponds to rushing "rivers." For this reason, I'd recommend watching your kids like hawks. The smaller tots could easily get swept downstream, over concrete and rocks, if they wandered into the water. As it was, one in our party ended up straddling the concrete "banks" of one of the streams when he fell backwards on a narrow section outside the green.

On the second night when we returned, we had to, of course, shoot the "easy" course. Well, we found that either someone had a perverse sense of humor, or had switched the signs! This course gave a far greater challenge than the first.

All in all, except for some frustrating misses due to miscalculations, we had lots of fun! Sometimes, old-time, simple fun is the best. The course wasn't crowded, so we had plenty of time to chat, to joke and laugh, to re-connect with our friends.

The care taken in the grooming of these two courses was remarkable, comparing it to others we've played. The staff is helpful and friendly. The deals offered by this course, such as the $1 off coupon easily found in the tourist/attraction booklets in supermarkets and gas stations, make this a superb, not-to-be-missed value.

Coral Cay Adventure Golf
2205 Tamiami TRL E
Marco Island, Florida, 34112
(239) 793-4999

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