French Market / Flea Market

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by ShannonBrooke on July 31, 2003

The French Market is a major outdoor market. Near Cafe Du Monde, it is more upscale, selling fresh vegetables and spices. As you progress through, you get to a great little flea market. Any overpriced souvenir found in any store on Bourbon or Decatur can also be purchased here for much, much less. Besides, you have the power of bargaining. I usually come here and pick up all of my souvenirs - knockoff designer pens, jewelry, masks and beads for the folks at home. If you underpacked and need an emergency pair of socks or a t-shirt, you can get some here.

There are also some stands on the perimeter selling what can only be called hippie clothing. These are a mixed bag. While I met one friendly proprietor who told us all about New Orleans, another stand-owner informed me that I was too large to fit into any of her clothing. I neglected to buy any souvenirs from her, even though I had considered buying a scarf.

French Market
1008 North Peters Street
New Orleans, Louisiana, 70130
(504) 522-2621

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