The View from Artist's Point - Yellowstone NP

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Malahini on October 26, 2003

The artist was Thomas Moran, whose vivid watercolors in the 1870s promoted the park's establishment. This was his favorite viewpoint, for obvious reasons. In the far distance, Lower Falls thunders a column of mist into the sky, with a pallette for rainbows when the sunlight's right. For miles straight toward you, the silver river flows far below your feet, past light and flaming cliff walls whose color belies that they once were lava from a magma chamber miles below. A ranger explained that ages of cooking in the acid bath of geysers and hot springs had softened and bleached the lava, letting the color of iron deposits show through. Then glaciers came and their meltwater cut a canyon in the softened rock.

The crowd and noise around me fade away. I feel like a child peering through a knothole in a cosmic fence at the creation of the world. Some of Moran's paintings and memorabilia can be found in the museum at Mammoth Hot Springs.

Lower Falls

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming, 82190
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