Szoborpark - Statue Park

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by drumzspace on September 8, 2003

Not really a "museum", per se, but a collection of the Soviet/Communist statues that once dotted Budapest. Since the fall of the iron curtain they have thankfully been preserved and relocated to a fairly remote field just outside of Budapest. Although lacking in much detail or information about the statues and what they meant in their Hungarian context, the park still provides a truly unique experience to visitors.

Please note: for this solo traveler, it was a bit of a task to get there. After taking the tram to the south of Buda, one must take a bus, which entails purchasing a ticket from non-English speaking people. Which means one must try to speak Hungarian. Which means giving one's self an anyeurism. Bring the pamphlet and show it at the ticket window if you think communication will be a problem.

Memento Statue Park
Bathori utca, 22
Budapest, Hungary, 1054
+36 1 424 7500

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