Victoria Falls

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A few minutes walk from the town centre you enter the Victoria Falls Park and apart from one or two vendors renting out waterproofs, it is surprisingly tat free. However, ignore all the guide book advice about wrapping up in waterproofs--part of the experience of Vic Falls is about getting soaked through to your shreddies. . .and enjoying it.

Before you see the falls, you already get a feel for their scale from both the volume of spray and the roar of the thunderous torrent which spews into the impressive gorge.

We visited at the start of July, which is allegedly the dry season. But don't worry--you will not be disappointed as the volume of water in the falls is still spectacularly high. Indeed, if you visit when the Zambezi is in spate, it is apparently much more difficult to see the falls if at all because of the dense spray which envelopes the entire park.

We spent most of a day in the park which although small, offers many different aspects of the falls. Also, the falls seem to create their own little localised weather systems capable of arousing gusting winds and clouds of spray amidst blasts of brilliant sunshine which create the most vivid rainbows imaginable. This truly is a natural wonder of the world--well worth the $10 entrance fee.

As well as the falls, the park is home to a considerable variety of creatures all of which are wild but used to visitors. During our visit we saw many solitary warthog and mobs of vervet monkeys (which are apparently rabid so be careful when they come up to touch you) and plentiful birdlife including white egrets.

Victoria Falls (Mosi-O-Tunya)
Victoria Falls
Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

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