Montreal Casino

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Sweet Willie on September 7, 2003

"Let’s go to the casino," was our next thought, so we hopped into a cab, and 8 minutes and $9 later we were at the Montreal Casino on Isle Notre Dame--the former site of the French pavilion left over from the World’s Fair of ’67.

We take the escalators to the top floor to see the restaurant Nuances, a five-star restaurant. The menu did look good, but pricey. Pricey was the cost of the two glasses of champagne we shared at the Nuances bar as well.

We then wandered; they have a cool mechanical horse track on a table 10 feet long. The horses actually enter the starting gates and then race around the track. You should always go with your instincts--before the one complete race we watched, my wife chose the green horse, and it did end up winning the race. Too bad our luck did not hold out during the 5 minutes we spent playing the dollar slot machines. It was back to the hotel bar for some more nightcaps.

Casino de Montréal
1 du Casino Ave
Montreal, Quebec, H3C 4W7
(514) 392-2746

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