Sauté Moutons - ride the rapids

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Sweet Willie on September 7, 2003

We hustled to the Clock Tower pier to book our ride w/ Sauté Moutons or the jet boat rapids ride. The 1200+ horsepower jet boat makes departures every two hours starting at 10am.

Upon arrival, one gets a briefing, a wet wool ex-Canadian military wool sweater, life-jacket, rubber scuba booties and a poncho or jumpsuit. These items do not keep you dry; they just prevent you from getting overly chilled from the wind. Wear a bathing suit; in no way believe you will stay dry in the least. There is a storage shelf but no lockers. Much to my wife’s dismay upon returning, there is no bathroom either, closest one is up top before you descend to the Sauté Moutons ticket booth. There are changing rooms. Bring a towel.

This was incredible, simply incredible. Wife and I sat in the front row of the boat. The boat whizzes along the St. Laurent at 40-60 M.P.H. until it reaches the rapids of Sauté Moutons. The boat then S’s through the rapids up stream, veering in-between the high waves, then it does this fishtail maneuver and is pointed downstream. The boat then is directed into the waves of the rapids. As we descended the boat hit its first wave, the bow went up and all I could see was the distant horizon, we hung there for what seemed like a minute then the bow crashes down and a meter high wall of water crashes over the bow into the boat. I was completely drenched and thrown around like a rag doll but loved every minute of it. The waves hit sometimes so hard that my wife had to secure her earrings. The boat plays in the rapids for about 20-25 minutes then whizzes back to the pier. Guy next to us had been white water rafting in many locations; he said this was as close as you can get to what white water rafting feels like.

Oh, and they give you unlimited free hot chocolate to warm you up if you are chilled. Water temp of the river was much warmer than I expected, but then I like swimming in Lake Superior, so it might be a little chilly to some.

Saute Mouton Lachine Rapids Jet Boat
Clock Tower Pier, Vieux-port
Montreal, Quebec

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