Prince of Whales

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Funky Monkey on March 13, 2004

Whale watching is possibly the most amazing wildlife experience, if you are interested in marine life or if you just want to see these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat. I went with the Prince of Whales, a small company in Victoria. It costs about $70 but is well worth it.

Before you go, everyone has to put on huge orange waterproof suits which make you look more like an astronaut than a tourist. It takes between 30 and 60 minutes to get out to where the whales are and the whole trip takes about 2-3 hours. The guides who sail the boats are extremely knowledgeable and can answer most (if not all) questions you ask them. They can name any of the whales you see from about 100 metres away, just from the dorsal fin (the big one on the top).

Most people are really tired on the journey back, but the guides like to have a bit of fun by sailing the boat by holding onto the steering wheel with one hand - whilst their feet fly out the back of the boats! Bring a camera / video camera if you have one, and if you have one with a zoom lens, bring that. This is a truly memorable experience.

Prince of Whales
812 Wharf Street
Victoria, British Columbia, V8W 1T3
(888) 383-4884

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