Waccatee Zoo

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by lizhockeymom on August 28, 2003

Since our kids are 7 and 8, we have been to many zoos and weren't really looking forward to going to ANOTHER one. Once we got there, we were pleasantly surprised and spent much more time than we anticipated because we were having so much fun! When you first arrive, the low cost to enter is nice. They ask you if you want to buy food to feed the animals for $3, plus you get to keep the commemorative cup. "Feed the animals? Which ones?" They answered, "Any animal that walks up to the fence, except the big cats (lions, tigers, etc.) and the alligators." We were surprised at the wide variety of animals and we fed most of them, including the goats in the petting area. There was even a quiet walk through the woods and lots of shade. We fed bears, camels, monkeys, goats, pigs and more. There are even more animals to see, but you will have to go yourself to find out what you are missing.
Waccatee Zoo
8500 Enterprise Rd.
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, 29588
(843) 650-8500


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