The Mitre

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by fizzytom on August 11, 2003

Like many of the pubs in this area, the Mitre is a mix of the traditional and the modern. From the otuside the Mitre looks like an old-fashioned pub with its big wooden door and old leaded windows but step inside and it's very much modern design with a big steel bar and contemporary lighting.

The Mitre offers a good range of (mostly) premium beers and some nice wines but also has a massive range of alco-pops and the latest trendy spirits and shooters like "Aftershock" and "Sourz".

The clientele is young-ish (predominantly twenties and thirties), but is a good mix and tends to be more media/music/arty types than a particular age group. During the day the music is fairly low-key but the volume tends to rise in the evenings. The Mitre is a good place to find out what's on and the window ledges are always teming with flyers for gigs, cinemas and theatre as well as leaflets for local groups (drama, reading, sports, gay and lesbian nights, etc).

At the rear, through the french windows is a pleasant yard with tables and chairs where you can choose to sit in the sun or in the shade. It's funny to think when you sit out here in the summer that the tube is whizzing through the tunnels under your feet and that just on the other side of the pub, the buses and cars are queueing at the traffic lights.

The Mitre is a comfortable, friendly and not too fashionable place to relax, meet friends or to have a break whilst checking out Upper Street.

Ye Olde Mitre
1 Ely Court
London, England, EC1N 6SJ
+44 20 7405 4751

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