Lawrence Welk Theatre

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by thecopes on September 18, 2003

Not many resorts outside of Vegas can boast of their own live theater. The Lawrence Welk Theatre is a 339 seat venue featuring Broadway type shows. The day we arrived they were just wrapping up Sound of Music. Opening later in the week was Annie Get Your Gun. Closing one show and opening another in the same week with two different casts is ambitious to say the least. We went to see AGYG at its third show of the run (their first evening performance) and while it was excellent, there were still some early performance jitters. In fact we caught them that afternoon behind the theater still painting backdrops. The show started late - we weren't even allowed into the theater until ten minutes after the announced curtain time.

While I confess to not being familiar with any of the actors, several had extensive experience, particularly in soap operas. All the singers had fine voices, and the microphone and sound system were excellent. And one actor even knew how to twirl a lasso with a good bit of skill.

Ticket prices were reasonable and with the discount for a child's ticket and an additional discount for being resort guests, the three of us went for about $70. For an additional $12-$15 you can enjoy a buffet lunch or dinner before the show at Mr. W's restaurant.

The seats are very comfortable but the slope of the auditorium is not very steep so depending on your height and that of the person sitting in front of you, you may experience some difficulty seeing without craning your neck like our 13-year-old son and I both had to do. There are only 11 rows so even in the back (we were in the ninth row) you feel close to the stage.

Our son generally shows disdain for musicals, but the fact that AGYG has several popular and hummable tunes along with some fancy shootin' made for an enjoyable family evening activity.

A little bit of that "Oh no, I'm old because I'm enjoying a show at the Lawrence Welk Theater" paranoia crept in to my thoughts a few times during the evening. The lobby of the theater also serves as the Lawrence Welk Museum and it's actually a fairly interesting (oh, no, I'm feeling old!) display of photos, biographical information, and artifacts.

Welk Resort Theatre
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