Lake Louise

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by madaunt on August 14, 2003

We have seen this jewel of a lake, described in summer as water painted with a peacock feather, many times. It is gorgeous year-round. When we visited this time in mid-April, the lake was frozen so it appeared to be a perfect pale turquoise, set against the dazzling white snow and the dark green forest. Because the snow was five feet deep and melting into large slushy ponds in some areas, we only walked partway around the lake. When we were at the most distant point from any shelter, the sun suddenly disappeared behind soft grey clouds and snow began to fall. At first the snow came as lazy flakes gently drifting down. We were amazed at how quickly the temperature dropped. Moments before we had been sweltering in the heat and stripped down to our T-shirts but, as soon as the clouds closed in, we hurried to put on our sweaters and jackets. Even then we were cold because an icy wind was soon blowing snow crystals into every tiny opening in our clothing. We dragged on hats, gloves, scarves, and ran as fast as we could to the Chateau Lake Louise. This fabulous hotel is both modern and baronial and luxurious beyond description. We found we could appreciate the beauty of Nature so much more when we were viewing the sudden snowstorm through the floor-to-ceiling windows of a fine restaurant.

If ever we have a second honeymoon, we are definitely going to Lake Louise!

Lake Louise Ski Area
Junction of TransCanada Highway and Highway 93
Banff National Park, Alberta, T0L 0C0
+1 403 522 3555

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