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Member Rating 1 out of 5 by Emily Marie on August 20, 2003

By the time this is written, it's possible that the Le Expos may only be a Canadian resident for a month-and-a-half longer. If that's the case, few in Montreal will shed a tear. This weekend, with Barry Bonds in town, the team only drew 9,000 for at least one of the games. The Metro Station for that matter doesn't even reflect in its name that this is where the Stadium is! That would be the Pie IX station for anyone going.

For some reason, I enjoy Stad Olympique. I don't know why, as I see and understand the complaints people have. I guess what I like is the promenade below the playing surface. For a Stadium built in the 70's, the way they treated this area was on-par with the new parks they are building. Food courts, live entertainment, games for kids . . . In a way it was almost more of a party atmosphere down there than any park I've been to for a regular game. Plus that whole underground area is connected to the Metro station, so you can walk all the way from the trains without getting wet.

Sitting in the seat though is another story. Despite the roof, a rainy day may mean you'll get wet at your seats. And since the roof does keep a majority of the water off the playing field, it is possible that your seat will be soaked while the game is played. Since the stands are often empty however, nobody is going to complain if you switch seats.

The roof was originally supposed to be the first retractable roof in the major leagues, but at first they couldn't get the roof in place and then they decided it wasn't worth taking off. I don't know if "roof" is even the right name for the thing. It's more like a tarp, being strung up from a tower beyond the outfield wall. I believe they offer trips up the tower as a tourist site.

The seating bowl is cavernous. I guess with the roof it feels more so than the likes of the Vet in Philly. Just like the Vet, seats are away from the action. The screen in centerfield is nice though. It's pretty big and has announcements in English and French.

If you are staying in the city, I'd suggest using teh Metro to get to the park. However, for one game I was at, I had to drive. It wasn't too bad and I parked literally right next to the park itself. That must be one of the advantages to playing in front of no fans.

If you are trying to see the parks of the major leagues, a stop to Olympic Stadium is a must. Despite my liking the stadium, I can see why others may want to steer clear.

Olympic Stadium - Montreal
4141 Pierre-de-Coubertin Ave
Montreal, Quebec, H1V 3N7
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