The Vietnam Memorial

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Maya Ying Lin, a Yale University architect student, designed "The Wall". 58,000 names are etched into it, and there are books to look up the names of those you know, which tell you where their names are located. Many make tracings to take back home with them. We found our friend, Carl Renisis's name there, and made an etching to bring home to his sisters.

Eleven years later, the Vietnam Women's Memorial was added nearby. Two uniformed womaen are caring for a wounded male soldier in a sculpted piece that portrays the agony coupled with the compassion war brings. Glenna Goodacre was the sculptor, and the victim, tossed on a heap of bags, features the horrors of war.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial
Bacon Drive and Constitution Avenue
Washington, D.C., United States
(202) 426-6841

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