Mayan Palace Kayak adventure

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Sharonva1 on May 29, 2003

We signed up for the free bird sanctuary/kayak adventure. We walked to the golf course area where we got into three-person kayaks (my hubby and I with a guide).

We saw all types of birds while we were kayaking into the backwoods area. Then we went around the canal/lake type area that fed into the ocean. The guides asked if we wanted to go into the ocean and kayak back to the Mayan. Well, it was exhilirating to go over the breakers out into the bay. Once we were out there, we had to paddle back into the shore. It was like riding a surfboard into shore once we made it past a certain point. It was really fun although I was certainly glad I had a good lifejacket.

The Grand Mayan Nuevo Vallarta
Mayan Palace
Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico
01 322 226 4000

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