Yal Ku Lagoon

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This was our second stop of the day and a welcome relief from the stifling Mexican summer heat we experienced at the Mayan ruins at Tulum. It is a fairly short ride from Tulum and approximately 20 miles from Playa del Carmen. Just turn in at the entrance to Akumal, continue straight thru the small "town" area and just before the road dead ends make a left turn and follow the dirt road watching for small signs pointing the way to the lagoon. The area has resorts, condos and homes. Somehow though it felt "real" and not just the typical tourist trap. Unfortunately there has been talk about further developing the area.

My research definitely paid off with this find! We brought a "folding" cooler from home,stocked it with drinks and ice from the resort we stayed at,added a few bagged snacks and we were set! We paid the $6 'admission at the parking lot. The good news was that there were bathrooms(bring your own toilet paper, none was to be seen). We took the short path thru some plantings and rocks and found our own little spot on the rocks. It was even partially shaded. We arrived on the early side so as to miss any bus tours that may have stopped here.

The water was a magnificent color of blue and totally calm at the innermost location(which is where we started from). It is rocky close the water,perfect for the fish, but not quite as good for you feet. Just proceed slowly and all will be fine. This was very easy for the kids-just jump off the large rocks and immediate sightings of some beautiful fish. You will be more successful at locating schools of fish if you stay near the rocks. Once we felt comfortable here we were ready to move on towards the ocean. The center part of the lagoon was mostly sand and not a fish to be seen....but .....we did see and follow a young sea turtle, until he "lost" us. How exciting!! As we continued towards the ocean, the sea life became more and more interesting: coral, fans and sea urchins. With this came a much stronger current and deeper water. The kids were scared off after a strong warning about the dangers of the beautiful sea urchins and the difficulty with the rougher water... however my husband continued for a bit and was rewarded with seeing a very large sea turtle...we only saw the pictures... good thing he had proof.

There were no crowds here....although more people came as the time progressed. My daughters even became friendly with a boy who was visiting his family. You can easily spend a day in this area-between the snorkeling in the lagoon and the gorgeous beach at Akumal(we didn't have time to do this, but we heard great things about it). We were off to our next destination... a cenote... a what? ...that's cenote (see no teh)...another unforgettable memory!

Yal Ku Lagoon
Playa del Carmen, Mexico


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