Belfry Tower

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by KarenG on July 19, 2001

One of seemingly hundreds of narrow, ancient, spiral tower staircases we climbed during our three weeks in Europe, this one (like most of them) was worth the effort. The 366 steps were enough to feel like you worked, but not a problem for any of our reasonably fit family ranging in age from 7 to 51.

The 360 degree views of the town and surrounding countryside were gorgeous and a great photo-op. We happened to be up there when the clock struck 3 pm and we were bombarded (I mean serenaded) by a cacophony of 47 ancient bells ringing out their songs and the hour all around our heads. Our ears are still ringing, but we'd do it again if we could!

Open 9:30 am to 5 pm every day during the summer. Ticket costs range from BEF 50 to BEF 100 ($1.10 to $2.20); family ticket available for BEF 200 ($4.40).

Belfry Tower/Belfort of Bruges
Markt Square
Bruges, Belgium

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