Apes' Den

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by jaebirdypie on August 5, 2003

The Apes' Den is home to Gibraltar's Barbary Apes which is a breed native to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco. Legend states that the British will hold Gibraltar only as long as the apes remain. With their small size, cinnamon colored fur and non-existent tails, they are just about the cutest apes anyone has ever seen. They roam about freely upon the Rock like squirrels, but mostly stick close to their den. The abundance of the bitter oranges everyone fears eating never goes to waste. The apes consider them a fine delicacy -- rind and all.

As adorable as these little guys are, you do have to be careful not to get too close. They are in no way mean or vicious, but they are VERY curious! They can easily scratch while "inspecting" and have been known to bite when frightened.

I actually got to see the apes' curious nature first hand as a bunch of them crowded at the feet of a fellow tourist while another scrambled up her back. The poor woman stood there frozen and bug-eyed while the little ape perched atop her shoulders inspecting her long, brown hair. Fortunately, the only injury she sustained was a rumpled mass of curls!

Apes Den
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