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Coronado is the perfect beach. It's peaceful and spacious, yet close to restaurants and shopping. You won't find a boardwalk, cheap souvenirs, overpriced ice cream, or bodybuilders. You also won't find gaggles of teenagers or college kids showing off for each other, running around kicking sand on your towel. What you WILL find is soft black and white sand with flecks of sparkling gold, a nice breeze, and a surf gentle enough for swimming but exciting enough for body suring. And it's the perfect place to build sand castles.

And did I say spacious? I mean, this place is huge. At low tide, it's like the size of the parking lot at a mega mall. It takes an hour to walk from one end to the other. Even on a Saturday afternoon, it's not crowded. Plant an umbrella, sit back, and watch the seagulls play.

Most of Coronado Island is taken up by the Naval Base, and the airstrip approach is right over Coronado Beach. It's fun to watch the planes fly over. They fly so low, you can almost count the bolts on the fuselage.

If you have bubble lovers in your group, take a large bubble wand. The breeze is so strong that all you have to do is hold up the wand, and the wind blows the bubbles for you. For really big fun, take a big wand that has lots of little holes in it. Hold it up and make huge flocks of bubbles, and watch the children giggle and dance in them.

For the prettiest sunsets in San Diego, walk down to the Hotel Del Coronado and watch the sunset from there. Then head across the street for ice cream, or a delicious dinner at one of the fabulous restaurants on the strip. Shameless RCI plug: that's where the lovely Coronado Beach Resort is.

When you're ready for a little shade, head for the beautiful park in "downtown" Coronado. There are free concerts there on most summer Sundays.

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