17 mile Drive

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On the 17 mile drive you will find Hotel Del Monte, which opened in 1880. The elegant Hotel Del Monte opened its doors to the public. Among the many diversions available to guests was a horse-drawn carriage ride on a scenic, 17-mile gravel road, a road that ribboned its way around the Monterey Peninsula and through the Del Monte Forest. Today, 17-Mile Drive remains one of the most enchanting and famous stretches of road in the country, with much of its most dramatic surroundings remarkably unchanged from those first, historic tours. It is one of only nine private toll roads in the country, and the only one west of the Mississippi. Discover nature's treasures on the magnificent 17-Mile Drive at Pebble Beach. As you wend your way deep into the majesty of the 5,000-acre Del Monte Forest, you will quickly feel the magic of this legendary scenic tour. Home to the Lone Cypress, Seal and Bird Rocks, Fanshell Beach, Point Joe, and the colliding currents of The Restless Sea, you'll travel this showcase with a sense of awe for what nature has created.

Quick tips/suggestions :
Take it slow and enjoy the scenery. We stopped alongside the road and saw quite a few deer and other wild life. After the 17 mile drive we continued on to Hurst Castle.

17 Mile Drive
Pebble Beach -- Monterey Peninsula
Monterey, California


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