Mayfield Falls River Walk

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by rightbrain on July 15, 2003

Mayfield Falls River Walk was a worthwhile daytrip on our vacation. About 1-1.5 hours from Negril, Mayfield Falls is in the "countryside" in a more tropical area.

We paid our driver, Clive "The Buffaloman," US$110 to drive three of us, although you may be able to negotiate down to about US$80 if you have keener negotiation skills. The entrance fee was about US$10 per person. Our guide (who we paid separate from our entrance fee) took us on about an hour river hike where we stopped and swam in some very fresh water and among some small, but beautiful falls. With very few tourists and beautiful surroundings, it was a great addition to our Jamaican trip. Be prepared to take some water shoes or sneakers for the slick and rugged rocks, which you will have to walk on to get through the river.

A couple of other factoids about the falls:
- You can order a lunch ready for you when you are done with the river tour (which may likely cost a lot).
- You can bring a picnic lunch, as there are tables and huts.
- This is a place for some great pictures, so bring your camera.
- It may be hard to carry an infant through the river tour but there are some great spots to swim for people who cannot participate in the walking tour.

Mayfield Falls River Walk
About 1 hour south of Negril
Negril, Jamaica

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