Cleveland metroparks Zoo

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Steve4031 on June 28, 2003

This should be rated as one of the better zoos in the country. The rainforest exhbit is a one of a kind. It is designed with two levels so that you can observe wildlife and fauna that occurs at the different levels of the rainforest.

The monkey enclosure is two levels high, so that you can observe them from different angles. Like in the wild, the monkeys spend most of their time high up, however, you can see them from the first floor by looking up. Also, their encosure encourages activity. They played and appeared to interact naturally. In another exhibit, a thunderstorm occured inside and briefly rained on the animals. The spectators remain dry. Kids will enjoy the ant exhibit and the challenge of seeing the animals as they blend in with their surroundings.

The rest of the zoo is designed so that the animals have larger than normal enclosures that provide a more natural look. The seals are interesting because visitors can buy two small fish for $1 to feed them. Thus, an opportunity to appropriately interact with the animals.

The walk from one end of the zoo to another can be lengthy, and catching the trams by the entrance can be a source of annoyance. We arrived to se one tram fill up, and were told we would have to wait 15 minutes for the next. So we walked one way and caught the tram back.

The bathrooms in the rainforest exhibit were very clean and the snack shop served pretty good pretzels. I observed other snack areas in remote parts of the zoo that were closed up. So don't assume that you will always have access to food in all parts of the zoo.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
3900 Wildlife Way
Cleveland, Ohio, 44109
(216) 661-6500

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