Member Rating 4 out of 5 by aussiemate on July 24, 2001

After riding the Skyrail all the way down to the bottom, we walked over to the Scenic Railway Station to buy a ticket. (See photo under another entry in this journal.) We had two hours before the train left for its once daily trip, so we wandered into Kuranda, a rainforest village. We enjoyed looking in each of the shops, but the most popular items seemed to be bush hats, especially Akubras, and opals. We bought one bush hat after checking prices for the same one in four shops. One had them on sale, so we went there!

We ended up passing the time quite quickly between buying postcards and having a light lunch. The Tjapukai theater, located next to the main entrance for the Skyrail is also worth a look if you have time. We opted instead to take the rainforest walk, so we didn't have time for the theater.

Kuranda Scenic Railway
Cairns, Australia


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