Montserrat - Part III

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The FGC station is located in Plaça d’Espanya, here you buy a ticket and take line R5 in the direction of Manresa, your station is Montserrat-Aeri, here you will take the cable car (called Aeri in Catalan and Aereo in Spanish) which brings you to the mountain. The first train leaves Plaça d’Espanya at 8:36am, after that there is a train every hour.

Before deciding what to visit first, stop by the information office. It is located above half way up the stairs leading to Plaça de la Creu, to the left of the cable car station and one of the cafeterias. They will give you a map of the sights and you can decide what to see and in which sequence. There is also an audiovisual exhibit nearby that shows how monks live in the monastery nowadays, gives a visual tour of the monastery.

If you arrive to the mountain around lunchtime, there are two cafeterias, one right across from the cable car station and the other further to the right with a large observation deck. That one is the one that you want to get to if you have a Montserrat card. You will not only enjoy your lunch, but will have a great view of the mountains at the same time.

Across from the cafeteria, there is a stop of a small train (it’s a free service) which brings you to Plaça de la Creu. The train stops in front of the hotel Abat Cisneros. There is constant construction going on since they are building another rail, so be careful when walking up and down the stairs.


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