Western Wall

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Depster on June 21, 2003

The Western Wall is my favorite spot in all of Jerusalem, particularly at night. There is a lot of historical, religous, and cultural significance to this spot for the Jewish people. During the day, it is thronged with people. As you walk up to the wall there are metal boundaries which separate the men from the women. Women enter on the right and this side is usually less crowded then the men's side. Some people feel comfortable approaching the wall, others stay behind the metal bars. I would suggest that if you have never been to the Wall (particularly if you are not Jewish) that you watch others before approaching. Also, like many other parts of Jerusalem, this is a holy site and some dress code is required (no sleeveless shirts etc).

In the evening, there is a different feel. It is deserted and extremely quiet. I did not understand the concept of a holy site until I experienced the Wall at night. It was the very last place I visited before leaving Israel because it is truly an amazing experience.

Western Wall
Western Wall Plaza
Jerusalem, Israel


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