Spouting Horn Beach Park

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Copple on April 5, 2003

Spouting Horn Beach Park is a must to see on your trip to South Kauai. The Spouting Horn was called the blowhole due to the early Hawaiians telling of a huge lizard caught in this puhi, which was formed when waves eroded softer, underlying rock and wore through the harder top rock. Water rushes into the hole and then is forced through the narrow opening and shoots skyward. Each time we stopped by here the water was spouting at different heights - depends on the height of the tide. There are local island people that have shops set up in the park selling Hawaiian made jewelry and collectibles. I bought a toe ring for $25. Not a bad price. Other vendors I saw were trying to sell the same ring for $42. My husband and I ran to the blowhole from the Embassy a couple mornings and it was an 8 mile trip - there and back. There is a little beach on the way to the blow hole which is great for snorkeling.
Spouting Horn
Lawai Road, across from Allerton Visitor's Center
Koloa, Hawaii, 96756
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