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Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Barb B on September 29, 2001

I could hardly wait to get back, -- Now, where was that little shop??? On our last trip to Bardolino, we’d visited a tiny shop that specialized in hand-made ceramics. Guiseppe, the artist and proprietor fabricates exquisite hand-made ceramic tiles, plates, markers, dishes, mugs, and pitchers. All are unique designs; hand-created and reflective of the taste of every mood and ilk. We visited his studio on a previous visit, but had not purchased anything. This year we were ready to buy!

Guiseppe’s "Laboratorio di Pittura e Ceramiche", (Studio of Pictures in Ceramic) is located at Borgo garibaldi 52. A quiet street, just steps from the chapel of San Zeno near the entrance to the historic winemaking city of Bardolino. Outside the shop we had noticed a series of tiles which were titled "The Wine Story"/i> which depicts the planting, cultivating, bottling and enjoying the Fruits of the Vine.

Walls of the shop were lined with hand created ceramic plaques, trays, dishes and mugs--each individually designed. Since we live in California’s Napa Valley, we were particularly taken with a patio tabletop created from a series of hand painted tiles. Unfortunately, the cost, combined with shipping was far beyond our means. We settled for a lovely hand painted name sign for our front porch.

Because of the extremely high cost of postage from Italy, you are much better served to select an item which you can carry with you. Guiseppe can paint items or personalized selections within 24 hours. Be advised that he does not accept credit cards (but there is a "handy" ATM less than a block from his shop). His work is NOT inexpensive, but if you are looking for a special, personalized souvenir, you will surely find a treasure in this shop! The name plaque that we purchased for our front porch cost about $115 US Dollars but is a wonderful remembrance of our visit.

Il Coccio
Borgo Garibaldi 52
Bardolino, Italy

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