Feria de Mataderos

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by viajera67 on June 29, 2001

On Sundays and holidays, this festival in an outer neighborhood of Buenos Aires takes off. The fair features food, crafts, dancing and competitions. We arrived at 12PM on Columbus Day (yes, of course they celebrate this in Argentina as well), and the festivities were just beginning. We started with coffee at an outdoor cafe, then browsed the wares at the various tables. After listening to the band and watching people dance, we went over to watch the competition. I don't know what it's called, but it involved men on horses, racing them down the street and trying to spear a ring that hung on a rope. Some of the riders were pretty good at it!

We enjoyed some delicious beef and beer at a restaurant that had tables outside from which we could continue to watch the horse-riding event. Overall, a great day!

Feria de Mataderos
Lisandro de la Torre y Avenida de los Corrales
Capital Federal, Argentina, 1440
+54 1143239684


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