Cleveland Metroparks Zoo

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The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo is home to thousands of animals. The zoo is split into two main sections; the 168 acre zoo and the two indoor acres of the Rainforest. They offer a wide range of animal exhibits including Butterfly Magic, Lorikeet Aviary, Australian Adventure, African Savanna, Wolf Lodge, and even Dinosaurs! The four of us each chose one exhibit we wanted to see, but we ended up coving almost the entire zoo in the six hours we spent there.

This zoo offers several opportunities for its visitors to interact with the animals. At the seal exhibit we purchased fish to feed the seals. It cost $1 for two fish. The seals swam up on the side of their pool and called out to be fed when they saw a fish dangling for them. Animals of various breeds roam freely together in the African Savanna. Even though you are outside of the fences, you can walk through the path appearing as if you are on a true safari. Ostriches run right next to resting giraffes while birds fly overhead. We even saw a nest of ostrich eggs. In the Wolf Lodge you have to look closely, but you can see wolves resting in the foliage of their own forest. The Australian Adventure allows you to take a train ride through the animals. With the open sides of the train, you are right next to the wallaby hopping around their yard. You can purchase a cup of nectar for $1 and walk into the Lorikeet Aviary to feed parrots. Most of the birds fly over and stand on the fence or a branch, but some visitors were even trying to get the birds to sit on their arms as they fed them. Butterfly Magic is offered in the summer. You enter a hothouse filled with a wide variety of flowers and plants. Butterflies hatch from their cocoons at various times during the summer and flutter around inside. You can also see their cocoons and watch newly hatched butterflies before they find their way to a home in the trees.

Experience the jungle in the Rainforest. This amazing section of the zoo has over 600 animals (not including thousands of insects), and over 10,000 live flowers, trees and shrubs all native to tropical rainforests in Africa, Asia and South America. Wander through and see creatures you have never even heard of before. We saw porcupines that lived in trees, hissing cockroaches, exquisite monkeys, the clouded leopard, giant anteaters, sloths, fishing cats, and much more. Two animals that struck me were the Prevost squirrels and Francois’ langurs. The tri-colored fur of the Prevost squirrel has a black back and head, deep chestnut-red legs and belly, and those two colors are separated by a thick white stripe along the middle of his body. Francois’ langurs are inquisitive looking monkeys with a white stripe between the corners of their mouth and their ears.

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo
3900 Wildlife Way
Cleveland, Ohio, 44109
(216) 661-6500

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