Conference Center

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The Conference Center is an amazing edifice. It houses an auditorium that seats 21,000, with not a bad seat in the house! It was constructed so that there are no pillars blocking the view of the stage. Conferences for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints are held here, as well as plays, programs and musical shows. All performances must meet requirements that are family-friendly in accordance with the sacred essence of the building.

A free, guided tour of the immaculate granite building will bring you through the auditorium with stops at many striking pieces of art that fill the halls. Artwork by Arnold Friberg, (you may be familiar with his painting, "Prayer at Valley Forge,") Carl Bloch, and my new favorite artist, Walter Rane are featured. Rane's painting depicting the last supper titled, "In Remembrance of Me" is stunning. His style of painting makes me feel as if I’ve been brought right into the scene.

By the way, the original Carl Bloch painting, "Christ Healing by the Well of Bethesda" can be seen on display in Provo at the Brigham Young University Museum. It is a massive painting and incredible to behold.

The tour of the Conference Center concludes up on the roof, a garden paradise. The view of the Wasatch Mountains is incredible and the planters are filled with native trees and vegetation that blend in with the surrounding landscape. This would be a lovely place for family picnic, or to relax and meditate alone. In fact, it was designed with just that in mind. However, after the 9/11 attacks, no one is allowed up there unaccompanied by a tour guide. That truly is a shame.

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