Ben & Jerry's Factory Store & Tour

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At the last moment, we decided to stop in at the Ben & Jerry’s Factory store. According to most sources, this "attraction" is Waterbury’s number one tourist stop. We may have been the only adults without a child in tow but it was still interesting and fun.

We had stopped at the store about 8 years ago and decided not to take the tour this time. The tour costs about $3 each and covers a lot of tidbits of information. If this is your first time visiting the store, you should definitely sign up. Of course, on the tour, you get free samples!

What else is there besides the tour? One stop is the gift store. There are lots of neat "things" to look at and to buy. If you have to buy lots of Christmas stocking stuffer gifts, this store is for you. The gifts are unique and not too expensive. And best of all they are a reminder of your vacation in Cow country! Lots of gizmos and weird things that guys like to examine.

In the hallway, there are plenty of photographs and newspaper articles to read. There are some stories about the background of how a flavor was developed. There was also a newspaper article moaning fact that the yearly festival was being moved from Vermont to Woodstock, New York that I found interesting since I am from New York.

Outside the store the most important item of interest is the area to buy the main event: Ben & Jerry’s ice cream! And there are lots of picnic tables set up for eating your cone or dish of selected flavor! In addition, the playground apparatus are very Cow oriented themes.

Be sure to read more by visiting two web sites. The first is another visitor’s summary: Click here to read the professional newspaper writer’s narrative.
Click here to access the official company website . I absolutely loved the company’s website since it was so interesting and had great graphics. It made me laugh with all of the puns you expect from a company with the history of Ben & Jerry’s, but are still surprised to see. Shameless plugs, but historical and interesting! Make sure you see the section on flavors for a change (consistent with their environmental background), the "suggest a flavor" section (with the comment "you know you want to") and the graveyard (with appropriate graphics for all of the retired flavors). The site is a barrel of laughs.

Ben and Jerry's Factory
Route 100 North I-89 Exit 10
Waterbury, Vermont
(802) 882-1240

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