Depoe Bay and surrounding coastline

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by luv2sing on March 15, 2003

As you drive South from Lincoln City, the rugged coastline draws your attention from the road frequently. It is a good thing that there are MANY turnouts - I'm sure this keeps the number of accidents WAY down. ;-)

Soon, you round a bend and can see a small village coming up on your left and lots of cars pulled over to the right. There are gobs of people milling around, so you pull over to see what everyone is looking at and... suddenly this HUGE geyser of sea water shoots straight into the air! Everyone gasps and points and the cameras are snapping picture after picture hoping to catch just the right moment. Depoe Bay is known for its water spouts. They are a natural phenomenon which I cannot explain but there are plenty of locals ready to do so. We had a blast! Our 14-year old can't wait to return to see them again!

Depoe Bay and surrounding coastline
Depoe Bay
Lincoln City, Oregon

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