Captain Tony's Saloon

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by jaybroek on June 18, 2003

So . . . being the sort of tourists who don't want to appear to be tourists (as if you can avoid it with the pink skin and camera) . . . we decided to honour Captain Tony's with our presence over Sloppy Joe's. The reason for this? Because this is where Sloppy Joe's was originally when old 'Papa' Hemingway was propping up his old pal's bar (a great story is told at the Hemingway House about the removal of the urinal when Sloppy Joe moved to Duval Street -- take the tour!!).

Of course, Captain Tony's haven't cashed in on this claim to fame . . . ??? Not much. I guess you could buy a year's worth of bar-themed T-shirts in Key West and never wear the same one twice -- including one from Captain Tony's to go with your baseball cap and souvenir cup.

Cynicism about rampant commercialism aside (if people will buy it, why don't you sell it?) Captain Tony's is an OK place to have a beer. It's a smaller space than most on Duval Street, less busy and more atmospheric -- if you like the sort of atmosphere that comes with an old dark bar that doesn't appear to have changed in 50 years (yes!!). We sat up at the bar and cast our eyes over the enormous amount of stuff nailed to the ceiling and walls. My ma would want to give this place a good tidy up.

Importantly, the beer was fine, the margaritas better than some we tried, and the live music (a lot of Stones covers if I remember rightly) pretty cool.

It's only a matter of 30 yards off Duval, but this seems to prevent hordes of people getting to it. So if you like a bit less of a crowd, a bit of history, and a game of pool, pop in to Captain Tony's.

Captain Tony's Saloon
428 Greene St
Key West, Florida, 33040
+1 305 294 1838

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