The Bull and Whistle

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by jaybroek on June 18, 2003

On the corner of Duval and Caroline, these bars have a New Orleans appearance to them (I am assured by my much more travelled partner!).

The story is the same for most bars along Duval -- dark wood, large central bar, live music, big groups getting steadily drunker and louder -- it's just what you want on a holiday night out!! The big advantage of the Whistle (upstairs, above the Bull) is it's long, wraparound balcony from which to watch the assorted goings-on of Duval. People wave at their friends who weave across to the middle of the road and try and have a shouted conversation . . . you may see the guy with the snake walking up from mallory Square and parting the crowded sidewalk like the Red Sea . . . all the bar representatives competing with each other to draw you into their MUCH finer establishment.

So . . . you get beers and margarita, lean over the balcony and go with the flow. That flow might well take you even further upstairs to 'The Garden of Eden' - the group stood next to us were heading up there. A rooftop bar where clothing is optional . . . apparently. Check out the website and you'll get the idea.

Of the bars we wandered into along Duval this was the most enjoyable . . . it was here we finally noticed it was after one in the morning and we'd driven the 400 miles from Orlando that afternoon and we really should go to sleep . . . but just one more??

Bull & Whistle
47 Caroline St
Key West, Florida, 33040
+1 305 296 4565

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