Surfers Paradise Markets

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by Nil on June 9, 2003

Every Friday night they emerge from the shadows as dusk kisses the golden beaches of Surfers Paradise. They preen over their stalls, setting their wares in place with the precision of a senior surgeon.

All manner of trinkets are available here, from the benign to the highly sought after. All painstakingly assembled, constructed, or crafted by their owners so that mortals such as you and I may love them.

And after you have been filled with the magic of it all and prepare to take that journey home, they sink back into the shadows not to be seen for another week, still assembling, constructing, and crafting.

Situated at the beach end of Cavill Avenue, across the road from MacDonalds, are the Surfers Paradise Markets. It's not a big market, stretching over two blocks, but it is always busy. An attraction for tourists and locals alike.

Surfer's Paradise Beach

Gold Coast, Australia

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