Japanese Tea Garden

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by jdovez on March 26, 2003

I am often amazed at the little pieces of paradise that can be found in large cities. These are the special places where the city lifestyle disappears into the beauty of nature, serenity, and artwork. As a tourist on vacation, those are the ideal spots to rest during an arderous day of sight-seeing, schedules, and entertainments.

One place not to miss in San Francisco is the Japanese Tea Gardens in Golden Gate Park. The sheer majesty of the intricately designed gardens, full of historic significance, is enough to amaze the casual bypasser, but to go inside is to walk the trails into fantasy.

At the entrance you are introduced to Japanese art and architecture and must pay a meager fee to enter into this avenue of delight. Once inside, the riots of rich purple, red, and yellow flowers are precisely balanced by soft whites and blues and the verdant greens of the well-tended plants. Meandering pathways centered around a reflecting pool have broad thorofares for groups as well as small hidden knooks and benches where lovers can steal a romantic kiss without being disturbed. The air is filled with the perfumes of flowering plants and the teas brewing in small personal teapots in the tea house.

Overlooking another reflecting pond the tea house is serviced by women in authentic Japanese attire and the feel of the natural world is represented with wooden stools, a rustic structure, and an amazing view.

There is of course a gift shop where one can purchase a variety of things from postcards and magnets to paper fans, wall coverings, and candies. The wonderfully unique thing about the gift shop was the seed packets you could purchase, to take a little bit of this paradise home with you. Overall, I would rate the Japanese Tea Gardens with all the stars avaliable and would like to announce that I have never seen a more spectacular place to hold a wedding.

Japanese Tea Garden
Golden Gate Park
San Francisco, California, 94102
(415) 668-0909


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