National Palace Museum

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by Scubabartek on July 2, 2001

If you’re going to see only one museum in Taipei then see the National Palace Museum. It is by far the most worthwhile. The museum has several permanent exhibitions on Chinese paintings, bronze artifacts, Buddhist sculpture, pottery and porcelain, jade jewelry, curio cabinets and history of Chinese calligraphy. It is not very large (at least compared to Paris' Louvre or Moscow's Hermitage) and it's varied enough, not to make you fall asleep.

Entrance fee is 100NTD and the museum is open between 9AM and 5PM everyday. There is a wonderful Chinese garden next to the museum (entrance fee is nominal, I believe it was 10NTD) in which you can relax and enjoy feeding carp or let your kids (if you have any) run wild.

To get to the National Palace Museum, you’re once again doomed to take a bus or a taxi cab. MRT, Taipei’s metro system, does not have a line anywhere close to the museum. Take the Tamsui Line to the Shih-lin station and transfer to bus 304 or 255.

National Palace Museum
221 Chih-shan Rd. Sec 2
Taipei, Taiwan

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