Milwaukee Brewers at Miller Park

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by MarkR37 on June 24, 2001

Miller Park is the brand new baseball stadium erected for the Milwaukee Brewers. Complete with a retractable domed roof and a live grass field this park is an architectural marvel that is a spectacular addition to the city.

Old parks have tradition and there is nothing I like more than watching a Cubs game on a sunny afternoon in that great old ballpark. But some of these newer parks shine in a different way. Huge walls of glass on three sides of the stadium let in large amounts of light even when the roof is closed. This gives the park an outdoor feel while the noise level from the crowd bounces around to make the park much louder than most open air facilities. Also the sight lines are fantastic and the concession stands, seats, facilities and the sit down restaurant that sits right over the left field fence all combine to make the experience more than just a game. It is an event.

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Miller Park/Milwaukee Brewers
One Brewers Way
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53214
(414) 902-4100

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