Pabst Mansion

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by MarkR37 on June 24, 2001

Located on the somewhat seedy side of town, The Pabst Mansion is well worth a tour to see how the movers and shakers lived at the turn of the century in Milwaukee.

Captain Pabst started his career as a ship hand when he was a young boy. He was so taken and enthusiastic about his experience that the ship's crew made him an apprentice to be a ship captain which stared his business career. Of course Captain Pabst became a beer magnate around the turn of the century and at the height of his fortune he made this beautiful mansion for his retirement home.

The mansion is made to look like his idea of a hunting lodge. The building was painstakingly restored after many years spent as a house for nuns after the archdiocese bought the building in the 1920s. I was struck by how similar the house was to Mark Twain's house in Hartford Connecticut. The best room in the house is the study which is absolutely gorgeous with inlaid wood cabinets and Victorian architectural detail.

The tour lasts for about an hour and I recommend it for people that enjoy history. Here is the website for the Mansion

Pabst Mansion
2000 West Wisconsin Avenue
Milwaukee, Wisconsin, 53233
(414) 931-0808

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