Victor Hugo House

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30th April

Mainly Egyptian and Italian paintings, Greek art.
The Egyptian art took up two floors, so it was really exhausting to visit that area itself. It was so hot inside that I was dreaming of going outside. Comments are at the beginning!

Victor Hugo's house.
Place des Vosges (Place Louis XIII).
The square is charming with those brick houses, the arcades, and the garden in the middle. The house is nice with strange wallpaper. The film about his house in Guernsey was really interesting. I loved seeing the images of the house in Hauteville in Guernsey (I must remember to go there one day . . . that is, if we can afford a holiday. Our house is so expensive and today I almost fainted when I found out the price of curtains! If VOGUE does come to take a picture of my house, it will all have been very expensive for nothing.)

There are nice shops in rue des Francs Bourgeois and it's worth a walk there. The Musée Carnevalet (another museum that's free) is a nice building and chronicles the history of Paris.

Hotel de Sully –- nice place.

This is all in the area of Places des Volges.
I panicked when I thought I had lost my credit cards because one seemed not to work. I had to call Dr. Beauty (my colleague).

We had dinner at the restaurant in front of the hotel, Paris Madeira. I ordered the Madeira Kebab, which is almost like the Italian spiedini inpiccato. They hung it in front of me. We had the same dish the next night in a restaurant called La Taverna on blvd des Italiennes, a fancy and elegant place.

We took the metro after dinner to go to Notre Dame. Paris is certainly the "Ville Lumière" (City of Light). The area of the Latin Quarter is right there -- a nice place with restaurants and the English bookstore called Shakespeare and Co. with American shop assistants. It's like a small corner of England and even the location of the shop is really nice. The price of used books is high, although you save on the classics. It was nice to hear people talking in English.

We drank tea in a restaurant/hotel that was really nice. I would like to go there one time. The location is not so cosy like on rue de L’Opera, but the place was charming.

Afterwards, we walked back to the hotel. Besides the shops, there are nice gardens (tomorrow probably I want go back there to see how they look like during the day).

Maison de Victor Hugo
6, place des Vosges
Paris, France, 75004
+33 1 42 72 10 16

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