San Francisco Plaza, Church and Monestery

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by apete on May 11, 2001

This Church was by far my favorite of the city. It is small and simple. I like the way the clay bricks and the sillar blocks worked together both outside and inside. There isn´t the detail of the carvings on the walls as you can see in the Church of the Campañia or San Augustine for example but those can be seen throughout the city. This church was built in the late 1500s.

It is free to visit the church while it is open but to tour the monastery there is a small fee and the entrance is to the right of the church doors. Once you have paid, a guide will be assigned to you. Mine spoke a little English. Inside you get to see numerous art works from what is called the Cuzcuno school. Some are rather interesting. My two favorites were one showing a scene of St. Joseph´s death which is not really recorded anywhere. The other is of the last supper with the volcano Misti in the background. My guide was really friendly and had me take pictures of everything although I do not know if I should have been or not. Most of the art you will see is housed within the first chapel of San Francisco which dated in the mid-1500s.

Finally, check out the Plaza de San Francisco to the left of the church. I found this Plaza to be much more tranquil than the Plaza de Armas with more trees to block the sun and less people trying to get you to eat in their restaurants.

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