Swimming with the dolphins at Kaikoura

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by Finu on September 19, 2004

Swimming with the dolphins at Kaikoura set us back $93 (there was a $5 Kiwi Experience discount), but was worth every penny (Dolphin Encounter, 58 West End, Kaikoura, telephone: 03 319 6777). Full wetsuits with hoods were included in the price as well as snorkels and masks. A $20 deposit is required to use the prescription masks for the visually impared.

Out at sea, we visited five spots, and, at each one, we were in the water in time to be almost overrun by a pod of hundreds of dolphins. Many of them had their offspring, some as small a a rugby ball, swimming alongside them, imitating the parents. The experience was really amazing once we got over the incredible coldness of the water.

It’s well worth investing in a disposable waterproof camera with flash to capture the experience, although even without photos as a reminder, swimming with dolphins is an unforgetable adventure.

Encounter Kaikoura/Dolphin Encounter
96 Esplanade
Kaikoura, New Zealand, 8080
+1 033196777


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