Manassas National Battlefield

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In Manassas Battlefield General Jackson of the Confederate Army earned the name "Stonewall" during First Bull''s Run Battle.

"There is Jackson, standing like a stone wall." --General Barnard Bee

Our visit started at the Henry Hill Visitors Center, which hosts an extensive exhibition center. We first looked at various artifacts from the war, such as muskets, pictures, letters, and surgery sets. Later, with the aid of an electronic system that demonstrated the movement of the Northern and Southern armies, we got a general idea of the First Bull''s Run. The well-organized exhibition center helped me get a grasp on what the war was about.

Later, we heard an announcement about a movie that was scheduled at 15 minutes past the hour. We had to pay an additional $3 each for the movie titled "Manassas: End of Innocence". The 45-minute long movie focused on the First Bull''s Run, the first conflict between the South and the North.

After the movie, we took an unguided tour of the battlefield. Various information was supplied to assist the visitors. When we visited, it was a serene and hot summer day. It was hard to visualize that so many people had their last breaths in this same field.

Will there be a time in humankind''s future people resolve their differences other then by force or war?

The tour of the grounds is $3 per person, and if you hold a National Parks Pass, you can enter for free. There are also printed guides if you want to take a drive-through tour of the various battlegrounds.

Manassas National Battlefield
12521 Lee Highway
Manassas, Virginia

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