Shiau Chuan Yuan

Member Rating 5 out of 5 by panda2 on October 22, 2004

Shiau Chuan Yuan is a business that provides you access to their hot springs along the main road, where there are a lot of vendors and merchants before the bridge leading to the Yun Hsien Resort.

After paying the admittance fee, remove your shoes and descend one floor to the locker area to store your belongings. You're issued a set of towels on a tray. There's a sliding glass door to the shower and the communal pools. There are separate entrances and pools for men and women. Shower first to clean the skin and hair prior to entering the pools.

There are several pools; the largest pool has hot water, and two smaller pools have warm water (one with water jets and one with spouts from above, which provides a wonderful, vigorous, relaxing water massage on your head, shoulders, and body if you're under one of the four large spouts). I didn't try another pool. The water didn't smell of any minerals.

There's no limit to how long you may stay. However, check with the clerk about when the last bus leaves Wulai -it's sometime after 9pm; otherwise, you may check-in for a room for the night.

These types of hot springs are quite common all over Taiwan, and some have minerals. This is particularly nice. Though not really a luxury, I think of it being a luxury to treat yourself to this.

It's a long bus ride to this place, but I'd consider returning. It's quite nice and very relaxing. The Wulai bus will take you to the nearest MRT station from the resort (about 40 minutes), or ride it back to the Taipei Main Train Station, be prepared to stand on the bus most if not all the way.

Shiau Chuan Yuan
Wulai St.
Taipei, Taiwan

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