Member Rating 4 out of 5 by panda2 on August 29, 2004

NOVA, located near the Taipei Main Railway Station, is a four-story building full of vendors for computers, mobile phones, PDA’s, and digital cameras. In short it's a one-stop shop for all of your technology needs. It was very crowded the first time we visited. They have promotions and prize drawings, so students look for deals here.

It just so happens that the back entrance of this business center is next door to Keyman's hotel.

We went looking for a SIM card for our mobile phones. The price we found it for is the fixed standard price. But as we were shopping, comparing, we came across one vendor that wanted to charge more than the standard rate. The SIM card is common enough that even the 7-11 convenience stores will sell you one for the same price. But they won't fill out your paperwork or fax it in for you, as the vendor we ended up buying the SIM cards from did for us. The SIM card is good for up to 6 months from the last use, then it becomes deactivated.

Another item we went looking for was an extra battery for a laptop. We didn't find anyone who had this particular brand in stock, as it had to be ordered and would take a several days. I can understand that the vendors don't want to have the kind of items that aren’t big sellers.

Another item was a 512mb xD memory card; either the merchants didn't carry it or the price was more than what I was willing to pay. I'd check the price on Ebay for this item and bought it off Ebay after returning from this trip.

We bought a PCMCIA wifi 802.11b card from a vendor occupying the basement or lower level. They were kind enough to handle our transaction after their official closing time, install the card and its driver, and test it to see that it worked before we purchased it. Now that's service, and with a smile.

I completely forgot about looking for a cable Prolific offers that allows file transfers between two computers at the higher speed USB 2.0. I had bought their earlier PC-Linq USB 1.1 version and liked its software interface.

It was fun to look at this place, but it's even more useful when you have something in particular to shop for.

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