Fort Santiago

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Fort Santiago was built during the Spanish colonial occupation, which lasted for 3 centuries; was occupied by British forces for 2 years in the 18th century; and was occupied by American forces in 1898, when Spain surrendered the Philippines. It was destroyed in WW II and resurrected in 1950.

Besides the regular admission fee, you'll be hit with a request for a large donation of PHP500 after being asked to sign the guestbook as you hear the story of one of the prisoners. Don't feel obligated. It looks like they hit every foreign visitor with that request. We each donated PHP500, so this visit ended up costing us PHP1080.

Admission: Adults PHP40; Children and students PHP15
Open daily from 8am to 6pm.
Phone: +63 2 527 1572

Fort Santiago
Santa Clara Street (intramuros)
Manila, Philippines, 1002
+63 2 527 1572

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