Paradise Island

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by NocRN on January 15, 2003

Paradise Island is the Disney owned nightlife area. It is comprised of various clubs from the BET Night Club, to Manniquins, the Adventurers Club, 8Traxx, and Motion, to name a few. Since this is a Disney area, all but two of the places allow persons under 21 to enter as long as they are with an adult. This can be a problem as the music is loud, there is a lot of smoke, and these places are really for children. We had our 19 year old daughter with us and she was able to go in the clubs but not have alcohol.

There is also an area called Westside which has a House of Blues, a night club owned by Gloria Estefan, and various places to eat. Everything is very colorful and lively and really comes alive after dark. There is an admission to Pleasure Island which once paid, allows you to come and go only on that evening.

Downtown Disney / Paradise Island Nightlife
Downtown Disney
Kissimmee, Florida, 32830

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