Princeville Ranch Stables

Member Rating 4 out of 5 by MickJ on January 13, 2003

What a great excursion! Our group of five riders and one guide started at 11:00am and rode through some fields for 1 hour. We then climbed off our steeds and began a twenty minute walk down to a gorgeous waterfall and pond area. The walk was narrow and downhill, but still managed to make us feel it. Upon arrival, our guide cut up some cheese, turkey, and veggies for some pita bread lunches--good! We were hungry. Some of us swam in the natural pool, too. We started back up the slope and took a fun short cut that challenged our muscles, but all was OK. Back on horseback, and an hour later we were back to our cars, much richer for the experience. This trail was the "waterfall picnic ride," and was really fun. For kids or adults.
Princeville Ranch Adventures
5-4430 Kuhio Highway
Princeville, Hawaii, 96714
(808) 826-7669

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