The Magic House

Member Rating 2 out of 5 by BrandyPantz on March 17, 2003

The Magic House is a little boring but it has some neat features.

If you have a really young one, he or she will enjoy all the different play areas located throughout the Magic House. My husband is a big kid so I took him there.

The first floor is kinda humdrum although we played with the 3D pegs for a good 10 minutes. The WaterWorks section will be fun for the young ones. There is also a three-story house that's been shrunk down to tot size alongside a mock grocery store and bank.

The second floor is also cool, with a shadow freezer, optical illusions, and this freaky exhibit where you take a picture of yourself and it shows you what you'd look like if both sides of your face were exactly the same.

The third floor had a neat gravity section dealing with golf balls but the best part was the generator! The generator is this huge steel ball which you place your hand on to make your hair stand up straight on end! They take your picture ($3.50 but they make it into either a keychain, pin, or magnet for free!) and it's just really funny--my hair is long so it didn't stand up very far but my husband's was hilarious!

All in all, if you have kids this is a great attraction . . . if not you may wanna skip this one!

Magic House
516 South Kirkwood Road
St. Louis, Missouri, 63122
+1 314 822 8900

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