Belmont Park, on Mission Beach

Member Rating 3 out of 5 by debzillla on February 12, 2003

Belmont Park beachfront amusement park is a very charming old park you won't want to miss if you're planning a trip to Mission Beach/Bay.

The oldest and, obviously, most popular attraction is the mammoth wooden coaster called the Giant Dipper. Adults as well as kids will enjoy the fun animals as well as the historic scenes painted along the carousel, and one of the newer additions (the bumper cars) is great--like none I’ve seen before. If you have a group, or are staying a week and want to ride the coaster every day, you can buy 28 tickets for $25.

The park also has a few nice, higher-end surf shops and a great little coffee shop (I forget the name, but there is only one in the park).

Belmont Park on Mission Beach
3190 Mission Boulevard
San Diego, California, 92109

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